Office Carpet Cleaning – steam cleaning

In offices, cleanliness has great importance no one can deny this fact. Not to mention, office cleaning Montreal provides you all types of cleaning services with great results meeting your expectations. We have a professional cleaning team having experience of many years. Office Cleaning Montreal offers you all types of cleaning services. We go beyond your expectations and desires. A clean environment is so much important for the health of human beings. Like other objects carpet cleaning matters a lot. It can spread dust which causes different types of health issues. If you want to get professional cleaning services not only for the carpet but also for the entire range of cleaning issues. We provide you the best office carpet cleaning – steam cleaning

Spray before deep cleaning

Office Cleaning Montreal has a professional cleaning staff they are professionally trained. They spray on the carpet before starting the thorough cleaning of the carpet. It cuts down the dirt buildup from the carpet. It helps to clean the sand particles from the carpet.

Solution making and apply on the carpet

When the spray sits and loosens the dirt build-up from the carpet we make a mixture using a shampoo and warm water. Half filled bucket is enough to clean the carpet. Pour a reasonable amount of shampoo. Then apply it on the carpet to clean it thoroughly. Sometimes, we use castile soap to deal with carpet cleaning.

Vinegar with baking soda

There are many natural cleaning agents which have multiple uses. Like white vinegar and baking soda. These green cleaning products are very useful in cleaning jobs. These are the well trusted and tested ingredients. We are using these green products for the last 10 years. They have no side effect on the health of human beings and they are good cleaners as well.

Rinse the carpet

Moreover, we clean the carpet thoroughly. Our cleaning staff uses plain water for further wipes off stains and deep-down dirt. Office Cleaning Montreal has all the advanced equipment, machines, and skillful manpower. All these resources assure you the best results and high-quality cleaning.

Carpet Vacuuming

In the first place, and at the end of the cleaning process. We apply a high-power vacuumer. In the start of cleaning work, it removes the dust from the carpet surface. When our staff has completed its cleaning job they let it get dry in the open area. When it gets dry they again apply high-power vacuumer on it to pick up the dirt and dust left behind.

Office Cleaning Montreal is the best cleaning company and certified as well. You can get our professional Office Carpet Cleaning – steam cleaning anytime and anywhere in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Just contact us at (514)-654-4988 or visit our

Carpet Cleaning Services

Regular carpet cleaning is very important. Office cleaning service is providing a variety of professional thorough carpet cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. In the first place, dirt, dust, and grime are by the shoes and pets track.

Moreover, without a regular carpet cleaning the home gets on with more dirt. Furthermore,  a replacement for the carpet is a necessity afterward. Not to mention, you need not worry Office cleaning service is here to clean the carpets and give it a spot and stain free look. Moreover, just hire us to learn how you can maintain the carpet and extend its life.

Vacuum Weekly 

Office cleaning services offers a vacuum weekly carpet and rug services to our valuable clients to remove the dust and debris. Moreover, we remove the extra furniture and offer a thorough deep cleaning process to make it spot and stain free. Furthermore, we use the latest technology and best Eco-friendly cleaning products safe for the health and safety of our clients. We recommend to remove the stains immediately and a regular checkup and clean up of the carpet done on a weekly basis.

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

In the first place, the carpet manufacturers always recommend the carpet deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Not to mention, Our hot water extraction service is the best for maintaining the carpet. Furthermore, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service like us you save time and have many benefits.

Not only but also, our hot water extraction service includes spraying hot water with the best cleaning solution on the carpet. All things considered, the professional skillful cleaners then use the latest vacuum to suck up the liquid making your carpet look fresh and clean. Moreover, We use the best cleaning methods to have the best carpet cleaning results in less time.

Prices and Availability

In the first place, the average cost of professional carpet cleaning ranges from $0.30 to $0.50 per square foot. If you want the investment to be safe you can hire us for the best carpet cleaning service of a lifetime. We regularly offer our special cleaning service and discounts on offer. We offer stain and odor removal services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Our services are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service plans.

Office cleaning services offer the best professional carpet cleaning services. For the best, we use also use an exclusive dry extraction cleaning method that has a fast result without waiting for the carpets to dry.

For all your home and office cleaning services, you can call Office cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Our team is professional and each of our services is bonded, insured and licensed. We regularly supervise our cleaning services to set the highest standard of cleaning services.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services

If you have a home and office that is going through a renovation process. Not only but also, office cleaning services are providing  Professional Post Renovation Cleaning Service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Furthermore, with years of experience in the cleaning industry. Moreover, our team of professional cleaners can help and assist you in cleaning job. Usually to be done in a proficient and fast manner.

Unique Post Renovation Cleaning

Moreover, with the most unique cleaning services and the latest technology. Furthermore, we provide the best post-renovation cleaning services. In the first place, the post-renovation leaves the home and office in requirement of the cleaning. Not to mention, It can leave your home with dirt, bacteria, and germs. All things considered, here is something our cleaning company is offering you with:

 Cleaning Equipment and Product

  • With the professional cleaning services team, the company only offers the best cleaning practices and methods. Post-renovation cleaning involves many cleaning actions to be done professionally and get the home and office clean thoroughly. Our professional cleaning team cleans the dirt on the floors and walls. They clean the area with the highest standard cleaning products and equipment that is safe for health for the customer and the environment.
  • Using the vacuum with the latest technological machines our cleaners remove the sawdust and dirt from the surface. Leaving the floor with sparkle and shine. By using the safe and best Eco-friendly cleaning products they achieve the best cleaning and disinfect and sanitize the area leaving a healthy and germ-free environment.

Customized Cleaning Treatment

Office cleaning services have all the customized cleaning treatment and solutions available for the valuable residents of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. By this mean, you have the opportunity to choose a cleaning plan that suits the best for you. The cleaning treatment plans consist of a deep cleaning plan with all the surface and our unique cleaning plan has the following service on offer additionally.

  • Floor cleaning services
  • Wall cleaning services from the dust and particles
  • Stain and Spot Cleaning Services
  • Floor and carpet cleaning services
  • Window wiping, washing and cleaning services
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

 Best Professional Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Our best cleaning services and the unique cleaning methods are the best available. You deserve the best post-renovation cleaning services that cater to your cleaning needs. Using the best cleaning techniques and products we ensure to get your home and office clean and free from germ and bacteria.

Office cleaning services are always there to take care of your cleaning needs. Everyone needs and professional and specialized cleaning service for their home and office. Your search ends today to hire us for the best post-renovation cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Green Office Cleaning - Unique Services

Every organization, workplace, and office make up of human beings. Their health matters a lot. You should take all the precautions to avoid diseases in your workplace. A healthy and active worker can perform better than a lazy and inactive worker. If you want to keep your office safe from all these health issues you just contact us. Not to mention, Office cleaning services is the best cleaning company which provides you best Green Office Cleaning – Unique Services. There are a number of chemically made ingredients in the market but they can cause different health issues. So, we prefer the use of green cleaning ingredients for cleaning processes.

Deep Cleaning without any disturbance

Furthermore, our cleaning staff is professionally trained and experienced to provide you deep office cleaning services. They perform all types of cleaning services without creating any kind of uneasiness and disturbance in your official operations. We have a complete work pattern which includes each and every detail which you can consider in the cleaning process. Not only this but all those minor details which normally are neglected by the cleaners.

You can get it to change or modify according to your needs and requirements. If you think some task is not necessary you can skip it or you can make an addition in the existing schedule.

Our Green Office Cleaning – Unique Services

Office cleaning services provides you all types of cleaning services according to your requirements. We follow your instructions while performing cleaning jobs. Our aim to satisfy your needs and fulfill your requirements.

We perform;

  • Detailed dusting of your entire office building from top to bottom
  • Floor cleaning services
  • Window cleaning
  • Door cleaning
  • Furniture and fixture cleaning
  • Upholstery, linen, and blinds cleaning
  • Walls cleaning services
  • Spots, stains, and smudges cleaning from mirrors
  • Table cleaning
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Organizing services
  • Deep Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom disinfecting services, and
  • Air duct cleaning services

Moreover, we perform each and every task with equal concentration and dedication. Furthermore, Our cleaning staff is quite friendly and cooperative which performs all the tasks without creating any hurdle for your routine operations.