Popular House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Popular House Cleaning Services:

When we try something new, most of us ask for a friendly referral. Get advice on a vacation trip and home services like house cleaning services. In fact, when we are curious about selecting a new service, we see others how they are using it. We enquired from the neighbor do they schedule deep cleaning or hire a cleaning service to do the windows and carpet cleaning every season? You do not need to go anywhere stick around and read these articles and we shall share all about our most popular house cleaning services.

Recurring, Popular, House Cleaning Services:


Recurring cleaning services mean visitors, busy work, weeks and kids all be tackle without worrying to tidy up and disinfect the bathroom. In fact, many of our customers love to have us every week to keep the home clean and smelling fresh. The recurring cleaning can be scheduled weekly and monthly. No matter how you schedule a recurring cleaning service you can feel assured that the home is free from dust, and grime. Of course, it is on the list of popular cleaning services. Our step by step cleaning ensures healthy and thorough housecleaning on each visit. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and window cleaning get detail attention from our cleaners.

Oven Cleaning:


In the first place, we give and get a lot of advice on the cleaning service for the home. Not to mention, how to get the home clean like our ultimate cleaning checklist, the best cleaning checklist for every room and more often a speed cleaning checklist. Oven cleaning is one of our most popular cleaning services. This is a job that takes time. It is no problem for us and that is why our cleaning services are excellent. Moreover, if you have your weekly cleaning undercover we are happy to lend some hand in these special cleaning services.

Refrigerator Cleaning:

Cleaning out the refrigerator is another special cleaning service from us that is amongst the popular service with the clients. The inside of the fridge is scary and cleaning it is no better. Our team is cleaning experts who know just to wash and wipe up and clean and make the entire inside of the refrigerator smell fresh and clean. This job is definitely worth having done professionally.

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No matter if you want to schedule a recurring cleaning service or just need to clean the oven, give us a call at (514) 654 4988. We can give you a free estimate over the phone so you can enjoy our popular house cleaning services.

Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips

Tips on Post Christmas Cleaning

Holidays mean a lot of exciting things. From parties to exotic food, celebrations to visiting and so on. Comparatively, Christmas is one of the most and significant times of the year and everyone loves it. More celebrations mean more cleaning tasks in the season. Post-Christmas cleaning is a difficult task and the dirt and mess are more than usual.

By and Large for office cleaning services it is the best time to help and guide you to save time and money. Hiring us for the Post-Christmas cleaning is a decision that guarantees satisfaction and Christmas cheering.  In fact, you may decide on this later but in the article today we are here with some tips on post-Christmas cleaning.

Be Sure to Have Right Cleaning Supplies

Not to mention, running out of the cleaning supplies is the worst thing to happen. Take your time and organize the right cleaning supplies. Equally important, post-Christmas cleaning is usually hectic with stubborn stains and dirt. Use effective cleaning supplies to help you work smart. Here are some of the supplies you will need:

  • Vinegar
  • Stain Remover
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Garbage Bag
  • Baking Soda
  • Bleach
  • Dishwashing Soap
  • Microfiber Cloth

De-clutter Space for Post Christmas Cleaning

As a professional cleaning company, we will advise the need of de-cluttering the home. Not only but also it makes the cleaning faster but eliminates certain confusion for house cleaning. In brief, take out the old items and replace them with the new exciting holiday gifts. Donate the things that you don’t need and enjoy the efficient clutter-free home.

Stains Immediately

Additionally look for the stains on the carpet, floor, and tables and so on. More chances are your home will be a target for more stains. Keep an eye and tackle it immediately. The longer the stains the harder it will come and it will be very difficult to remove.

Cleaning the Dishes after Christmas

On the whole, Christmas is a season where there will be more guests. This means you are sure to have more dishes piling up but don’t let it create havoc. In brief, try to work out on short moments to clean during the celebrations and wash the dishes. By doing this it will give you one less chore when it is all done.

Cleaning High Traffic Areas

In conclusion, there are some areas in the home that suffer the more during the Christmas celebration. The best idea is to handle and clean the areas is to do regular cleaning after the celebrations. Ordinarily, it will not allow the dust and grime to build up. Use efficient and effective cleaning materials and give these areas such as the entrance, bathroom, and kitchen a nice speed clean.

For more information about some exciting discount on our cleaning services. Please contact Office cleaning services in Montreal on (514)-654-4988 or kindly visit www.office-cleaningservices.ca for more details.

Window Professional Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips

Clean windows brighten up the room with natural light. In addition, it can provide a stunning view. In fact, the truth is windows easily collect dirt and grime even cleaning is done regularly. Today here in this article Office cleaning service will discuss with you the Best window professional cleaning tips shared by professional window cleaners.

 Remove curtains and blinds

The first step is to remove the curtains and blinds from the windows in order to give space to clean. This is very important so that we don’t get a wet cleaning solution on the lovely drapes.

Although most curtains and blinds can be moved easily away from windows to give us enough space to clean.

Remove dust for Window Cleaning

 To start the cleaning, it is comparatively important to remove the dust that builds upon the window panes. Spraying the cleaning solution on this dust can create a muddy nightmare to clean. In addition, one can end up spreading dust around this mud. Moreover, use a dry duster or vacuum to sweep and clean away any dust from the windows, window sills and the corners.

 Getting rid of built-up dirt

The outside of your windows is particularly prone to the buildup of dirt and grime. Dip part of the microfiber cloth in water and use it to wipe away some of the dirt. In addition, to prepare the windows for the next stage of the cleaning process.

Window Cleaning in Style

Spray it with window cleaner, then use a squeegee or a microfiber cloth as per the size of the window. Use a squeegee for larger windows to work from top to bottom. Not to mention, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the squeegee dry. In addition, this helps the excess liquid from dripping and forming unwanted streaks and marks.

Equally important for a smaller type of windows, use the microfiber cloth to wipe the windows after spraying with the cleaning solution. Make sure to dry each window clean before moving on to the next one. Not only but also, have this helps stop the buildup of unwanted marks.

 Drying up the Windows

To summarize and help ensure don’t leave any pesky streaks and marks during the part of the window cleaning and dry process, we recommend using a high-quality squeegee with a sharp blade.

Finally, if you notice the water has dripped or spilled somewhere on the window, wipe this area with a clean microfiber cloth to prevent marks.

And this is complete. The window cleaning is accomplished and one can be proud of it.  For more help, you can get in touch with Menage total professional cleaning service through the telephone (514) 654 4988 or visit our website www.office-cleaningservices.ca for more information.

How to remove common difficult Stains?

How to remove common difficult Stains?

To sum up, stains can be the most difficult thing you have during cleaning. Stains can occur anywhere from almost everything. Moreover, these stains can be from food, red wine, paint, and dirt. By large, some stains can be wiped up immediately and have no trace. Furthermore, some stains can be stubborn and difficult to remove. Today in this article we shall discuss how to remove common difficult stains in an effective manner.

How to remove common difficult Stains

Not to mention, as one of the best domestic cleaner in Montreal, office-cleaningservices.ca has the experience to tackle several stains. In brief, we shall be sharing important knowledge in this article. Read on how to remove common difficult stains.

Red Wine Stain

In the first place, red wine stain is a common occurrence when you host or attend a party. They can get a spill on the clothes and carpets. It can be removed with a few items.
Firstly, dab the stain with a soft cloth. Moreover, avoid rubbing the stain as they will enable to set in more.

  • Now pour in a little amount of cold water and dab some more.
  • When you have absorbed as much as you can with the cloth, pour on some more cold water to keep the spot moist,
  • Then take regular salt and sprinkle it on gently. Use the fingers to pat the salt into the stain. The wet state of the stain helps it to absorb the moisture. Leave it to sit for a few hours or overnight.
  • It is the turn to vacuum the spot to remove the salt. The carpet or the fabric will be as good as a new one. A recommendation if the stain remains use 3 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of dishwashing liquid. Put on the stain and stay for some hours and then clean of.

Blood Stains

As can be seen, blood stains are a painful occurrence and stubborn to remove. The importance to remove it completely is to act faster and effectively. Here we go down under:

  • Use a solution of the dishwashing liquid and cold water to blot the stain.
  • Blot dry the cloth or carpet back to the original condition.
  • As you might visualize the stain is completely remove and you can rinse by using a clean cloth to apply the cold water.
  • Now use the soft cloth to apply the solution and blot after.
  • If the stain is stubborn and an old one, you need to mix one tablespoon of ammonia with a half cup of warm water.
  • Blot it completely after the stain is gone completely.

Tips for Tackling Tough Stains

  • Equally important test the materials you will use on a small portion of cloth or carpet.
  • Use paper towels and absorbent cloths to take care of the stains always.
  • In brief, stains are nest remove immediately after they occur.
  • Normally, only use mild detergents and dishwashing liquid on the stains.
  • Furthermore, don’t heat the stains as it will make them deeper to sit,

Office-cleaning services are offering you the best-discount stain removing cleaning service in Montreal. You can hire our service in an easy way by calling us on (514)-654-4988 or visiting our website at office-cleaningservices.ca. Our services are available to the residents of Montreal at competitive and affordable pricing. In short, our professional cleaners have the experience and are equip with the right cleaning tools to provide complete services.