Office Furniture Cleaning Services

Office Furniture Cleaning Services

Office Furniture Cleaning Services Montreal

You have invested a huge amount in office furniture and fixture. Its a fixed asset for you and you won’t replace it within a short period of time. You will utilize it over a number of years. The furniture and fixture need proper cleaning and maintenance services. It will increase its useful life and there will be less effect of wear and tear in its appearance and existence. Office cleaning services offer you Office Furniture Cleaning Services. We provide you cleaning and maintenance services for your office furniture.

We perform these tasks in Office Furniture Cleaning Services;

Office cleaning services deal with all these tasks;

Detailed dusting

The dust damages the furniture. The dust may harm the material used in the furniture like it can change the color of the leather and wood if the dust is stuck there for a longer period of time. We offer you dusting cleaning services on a regular basis.

Table Cleaning

There are a number of tables you have in your office. Office cleaning services clean all those tables, we clean the dust and dirt from them. First, our cleaning staff removes all things from the table. They clean the surface of the table and the legs too. They clean them. There may be rust spots on furniture of steel. Our cleaning staff scrubs it and remove all those spots.

Damp and dry wiping

There are some objects they need damp wiping and some need dry. The plastic made furniture need damp wiping as the dust stick on it is not easy to remove. The wood made furniture need dry wiping if the wood soaks the water it gets rotten its durability gets damaged.  Our cleaning staff performs the damp and dry wiping to remove the dust from the furniture.

Upholstery cleaning

There are some types of furniture objects which have upholstery on them. Our cleaning staff removes the dust from upholstery and make it germs and dust free.

Wood made furniture cleaning

We clean wooden furniture with care. Our cleaning staff uses towel cloth to remove dust from it. If there are scratches made on the surface of wooden furniture it will give an awkward look.

How to Clean Office in 1 Hour


An office is a place where people spend most of their time. They work there and interact with each other. Workers can’t work with full of concentration in a messy, dirty, and uncleaned workplace. They can lose their focus from work. On the other hand, workers can work with a great concentration in a neat, clean, and peaceful workplace. Office holders want to clean their office in a possible low time. They want to do the cleaning work in no time. How to Clean Office in 1 Hour, if you have this question. You want to clean your office at 1 hour then you should tips which office-cleaning services give you.

How to Clean Office in 1 Hour,

If you have this question then consider these instructions and tips;

  • Organize your paperwork
  • Disinfect the washrooms
  • Clean the electronics
  • Table cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Windows cleaning
  • Contact the Office-cleaning services if you want to have deep office cleaning

Organize your paperwork

First of all, organize the scattered papers in a reasonable manner. You will get the idea of what you should do next. It will clean the space which you have to clean. You will get a better view of your cleanable area.

Disinfect the washroom

workers use washroom frequently in offices. It appeals the most for cleaning services. If you want to clean it, first clean the sink, walls, floor, and shower. Then go for the commode. It needs cleaning services. There may be pale spots in the corners you should clean those spots as well.

Clean Electronics

The electronic appliances you have in your office need cleaning services. You should clean the computers, lamps, and printers, etc. It requires much time, you should deal with it efficiently and do this rapidly.

Table Cleaning

The tables you use in your offices, need cleaning services. You should remove all the objects and things from the table. Then do a detailed dusting from the table surface and the area beneath the table. When you have done with dusting re-arrange all the things in proper order.

Floor Cleaning

A huge traffic of shoe feet come on the floor surface. It appeals to cleaning services. Office cleaning services provide you detailed and deep floor cleaning services. Our cleaning staff removes all the dust from the floor. They wash it to remove all the spots and stains.

Window Cleaning

A neat and clean window gives an awesome view of the outside world. The mirrors get dirty and dusty. You should clean the windows mirrors. Use a cotton cloth for doing the dusting. Then wash the mirrors to remove all the spots of dirt from mirrors surface.

Contact Office-Cleaning-Services

If you want to get professional office cleaning services then you should contact us. We have a professionally trained cleaning staff which performs all of these cleaning services according to your needs. We offer you daily cleaning services, weekly cleaning services, biweekly and monthly cleaning services.


Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services

Montreal Office Cleaning Services

When it comes to office cleaning services Menage Total gives the best business office cleaning to business in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. The office cleaning requires a positive approach tidying, sanitizing, vacuuming, wiping, bathroom cleaning and waste disposal. A clean and neat office a positive reflection of your thoughts and work.  In fact,  it can serve you best in interaction with your valuable clients and even the employees. Not to mention, a clean office works as a decent connection between your employees and clients.


  • Cleaner, better-smelling bathrooms
  • Dusting and vacuuming,
  • Customized office cleaning 

Change to Eco-Friendly Cleaning service 

After all, Office workers health is very important for the productivity of the business. The staff has full experience and training and use an eco-friendly cleaning product.  That does not cause any harm to the place and employees at the office.  Not only but also, we ensure to give perfect office cleaning through our eco-friendly cleaning services. In the first place, without compromising on the quality and standards. Office Cleaning is done with the latest technology and best user-friendly. Moreover, eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety of our valuable clients and giving them 100% satisfaction.

Trusted Name

When you book office cleaning services through us, you are reserving substantially more than just wipes and dusters. The best office cleaning experts come to your place, build up trust through their experience and we are a company that is established to provide the best office cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Perfect Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services are not only perfect and good for the health of your employees. It is also beneficial for physical health. By hiring professional office cleaning services to handle the cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces, you can reduce the number of germs and bacteria coming up around the office. This will reduce the number of absents and sickness in the employees for better productivity and work environment. MENAGE TOTAL has the best experience and equipment to serve your cleaning need. We look and satisfy our customer relationship by providing safe and friendly office cleaning services. We make sure that our cleaning staff stays up to date with the latest cleaning products and safe office cleaning services.

Office Cleaning in Laval

Apart from Montreal our office cleaning services expand to Laval and Longueuil. Potential clients who visit a neat and clean office will get a favorable impression and give you a response. The Cleaning service team in Laval will clean the office in the best way possible and as per your terms and conditions agreed upon.

By using the eco-friendly cleaning product, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your employees and we guarantee to provide 100% satisfaction and the best range of office cleaning services. We take pride in ourselves and provide training to our cleaners and appreciate the experience of how valuable it can be for our valuable customers.

Deep Cleaning Services

Montreal Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service Montreal

Do you know what is deep cleaningDeep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of houses and household items and appliances. Such as deep home spring cleaning servicesrefrigerator cleaning servicesoven cleaning servicescarpets and rugs cleaning services. In our deep cleaning servicesMénage Total’ professional cleaning services Montreal will help you get rid of the dust, dirt, mould, mildew, grease and other harmful contaminants that get accumulated in your carpets, upholsteryhome appliances, etc. we provide our professional commercial and deep residential home cleaning services Montreal on regular basis, weekly or biweekly cleaning services in MontrealLaval and Longueuil.

Our list of deep cleaning services is extensive, including the following deep cleaning services:

  • Oven cleaning service
  • Upholstery cleaning service
  • Table cleaning services
  • Chair cleaning service
  • Refrigerator cleaning service
  • Carpets cleaning service
  • Rugs cleaning service
  • Hardwood floor cleaning service
  • Mattress cleaning services
  • Cupboard cleaning service
  • Air duct cleaning services
  • Cabinet cleaning service