Montreal Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service Montreal provides Office Cleaning services in Montreal to a wide range of clients. From small to medium-sized companies, right up to large multi-nationals and blue-chip PLC’s. Whatever your business, organization or sector, we’ll adapt our cleaning services to match your needs. To deliver the very best service, we will discuss your requirements and design the perfect office cleaning specification. We continue to strive for cleaning excellence, enhancing the fabric of your building, whilst reducing our environmental impact. We are the obvious choice for Office Cleaning Montreal.



We have been in the Office Cleaning business for a very long time. We ensure that quality cleaning is achieved by providing comprehensive training to all our Cleaning Services Montreal staff as well as having clear and concise operating procedures for all areas that are to be cleaned.



We don’t just clean offices, we also provide a complete range of support services for the smooth operation of your office or business. From janitorial supplies through to window cleaning and washroom supplies at Professional cleaning service Montreal Cleaning Services…we’ve also got it covered.



Whilst our core business is office cleaning within Montreal, we also provide cleaning services to a broad range of other business types, in and around the home counties. Our contracts include Schools, Colleges, Shops, Warehouses…in fact we work in almost any business sector you can think of.

Those interested in office cleaning services in Montreal will please with the offer we have. We are already helping many small and mid-sized companies as well as large corporations. We also provide Office Cleaning Services for companies that work in different industries.

Thanks to our experience, therefore, we are able to come up with a Cleaning Service tailored to your needs and requirements. We are always ready to discuss the details about the service you need, so your business will get the best deal at the lowest price.


Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

We provide you with quality service on your doorstep. Whether its a matter to clean your office or a house. Our exceptional service includes ‘vacuuming, cleaning the ceiling vent, dusting, providing inspection and maintenance activities at regular intervals for a certain defined period.
Don’t you feel like life is too short to clean your house?
If you feel like this, then we are here to serve you well. You can save you precious time by hiring skillful and energetic persons. We deal with cleaning every small and significant part of your house, from your carpet to sofa, from your curtains to your bed, from your kitchen to your bedroom. We use our latest technologies like vacuum pumps for gathering all the garbage stuff from your house below the sofa or bed.

Our Residential Cleaning Services Include:

KITCHEN: Cleaning household appliances. Cleaning of sinks, counters and small appliances. Cleaning moldings, heating elements, ventilation gaps, window borders, light fixtures, switches, and thermostats. Removing stains on cupboard doors.
DINING ROOMS: Cleaning tables and chairs. A dusting of furniture and light fixtures.
BATHROOMS: Cleaning disinfecting bathtub, ceramic, showers stall, toilet bowl, sinks and counters.
Removing stains from doors and frames. Vacuuming and washing the floor.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment Cleaning Services Montreal

Apartment Cleaning Services Montreal

Our Apartment Cleaning Services framework separates us. Our clients continue returning to us, since we give benefits that work and keep their homes and apartments perfect, directly down to the little points of interest. This full apartment Cleaning Service, which we call our Detailed Clean Rotation System, has been turned out to be compelling in more than twenty million cleans!

We begin with a careful detail-clean all through your flat finished the course of our initially two cleans. On the central clean, our Maids Montreal administration will completely clean your loft, with different consideration on your kitchen and restrooms. On the second session, We Also clean your whole condo yet this time. We Also give detail-clean administrations in your resting and living regions. We’ll keep on maintaining this detail-clean level all through your home all through our following visits by providing profound cleaning service Montreal on a pivoting premise.

Each time we clean, we’ll give benefits that incorporate the accompanying:


Spider webs expelled, tidying, floors washed, toilets scrubbed, mirrors/chrome apparatuses cleaned, shower entryways cleaned, tile dividers, bath/showers cleaned


Ledges cleaned, cleaning of outside area of the range hood. Front and top of range cleaned. Dribble glass/dish upper surfaces wiped. Chrome sparkled, sinks cleaned and fronts of all apparatuses cleaned, general tidying, webs expelled, wiped out the microwave, entryways, and entryway outlines spot cleaned

Resting Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, floors mopped, general tidying, spider webs evacuated, entryways and entryway outlines spot cleaned

Living Areas

Surfaces hand rubbed, spider webs abandoned, entryways and entryway outlines spot cleaned, general tidying, floors cleaned.

Floor Cleaning Service Laval

Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

We offer all type of floor surface Cleaning Services like Cement, Slate, and Marble etc. Our Montreal Cleaning Services providing team is professional and experienced. The entire team members are loyal with their work. They can professionally clean floor, Basement, windows, mirror, home and office as well as commercial area etc. From the residential room to Commercial Office place, our cleaner well cleaned and polished properly look like as it is new again. We are available here to fulfill your entire house or office floor cleaning and care needs. Our Floor Cleaning Services providing team won’t quit until your satisfaction with our work.

Cleaning Staff Services

The Menage total cleaning staff professionally trained in the usage of advance equipment. They use efficiently advance cleaning products. Floor represents the first impression of your business so it is necessary to keep it clean.

The Menage total cleaners will proves helpful to increase your professional image and play a vital role for providing safe and clean environment to you and your employers. Clean and good looking environment stay well impact upon the customers. Whenever you feel need to clean office or house building floor just make a call to get our services. We are here to provide the best Floor Cleaning Services Laval.

Floor buffing and polishing

Buffer will polish the floor and make it shiny and good looking. We use advance buffers which is the power tool used to buff surface and squeegees the gathered dirt and moisture. Buffering restores the smoothness of the floors. To produce a slick shine burnishing is an amazing method. Burnishes polish the floor surface at a high speed.

It is easy to see the dirt on the tile surface. Periodic deep cleansing makes the floor surface shiny and clean. We extract the dirt and organisms with scrubbing and steam.

Cleaning Chemical

All chemical and products which are use for cleaning have been thoroughly tested to safeguard that heating materials are not affect to the surface of the floor. Phosphoric acid with caustic soda and acid cleaning liquid specially use for the removal of inorganic scale, calcium carbonate and metallic oxides etc.


For the best quality service, we recommend that first our cleaner team come to your home or office to evaluate and inspect the area that you want to make clean.We assure you that you will satisfy with our Floor Cleaning Services, so you must visit our site and place the order.

Our Company are always available for providing floor Cleaning Services Montreal as well as office and Residential Cleaning Services. We feel proud in offering best quality work at affordable price. Our first priority is to make our customer satisfy. We are providing you one time replacement guarantee. This is the best offer for our customers.