Protect Your Health

Protect & Make Your Home Safer

Caution! Combustible! Lethal! With names like these on some regular Protect cleaning items, you get a quite smart thought that they aren’t generally that safe. Numerous chemicals (e.g., chlorine and alkali) when combined can be out and out hazardous. Little kids and pets are particularly defenseless because of higher introduction levels in view of their size.

Protect Your Health

Feel better with green cleaning items – truly. Dissimilar to customary cleaning items, you’ll recognize what you’re utilizing won’t hurt you, your family, or your pets. Side effects, for example, hacking, sniffling, skin rashes, cerebral pains, and more may “bafflingly” vanish once you quit utilizing harmful cleaning chemicals. Considering a large number of the dangerous chemicals in customary items are frequently cancer-causing agents, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, or endocrine disrupters, it is certainly worth discarding them…

Protect Your Indoor Air

Did you realize that the utilization of customary cleaning items can add to higher contamination inside than outside? Unstable Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been related with a large group of medical issues like harm to the liver, kidneys, and focal sensory system, are discharged when items are utilized and put away and can likewise wait for noticeable all around long after use as per the article “An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Protect & Help the Environment

When you utilize green cleaning items, you are making a vote to secure the earth in a manner of speaking. Most perfect green cleaning items are made utilizing supportable assembling rehearses and normally determined, safe, non-lethal, and biodegradable fixings that don’t adversely affect the earth. Then again, some traditional cleaning items contain fixings that are poisonous, dangerous, non-biodegradable, and from non-sustainable assets like oil, so they…

Protect & Spare Some Money

Add some green to your wallet by making your own green cleaning items. Or then again, spare cash by purchasing eco-accommodating generally useful cleaners that carry out various occupations, so you won’t need to buy different items. Additionally, with an ever-increasing number of makers entering the green cleaning scene, common items are frequently intensely evaluated with their regular, synthetic loaded partners, and now and again much less expensive.

Make Cleaning Easier

It’s substantially simpler to have a couple of items that deal with your general cleaning needs than an entire munitions stockpile of lethal items. For instance, vinegar can undoubtedly supplant form and buildup removers, window cleaners, universally handy cleaners, can bowl cleaners, and the sky is the limit from there. In this way, you can frequently handle different cleaning occupations in your home without exchanging items as you clean! Furthermore, you don’t need to stress over getting blanch recolors on your garments or incidentally combining perilous chemicals..

Offer Back to Your Community

Numerous makers of green cleaning items consider social duty important and frequently give a segment of their benefits to associations that further social, natural, and instructive change, for instance. Thus, buying items from these organizations implies you are additionally giving somewhat back to your group, regardless of whether neighborhood or worldwide.

Recognize What’s in Your Products

Numerous green cleaning producers make it their strategy to be completely straightforward. Though some ordinary makers don’t and may just rundown a part of their fixings.

Protect & Turn into a Green Role Model

When you begin utilizing eco-accommodating. Green cleaning items, and instruments and perceive how well they function. Others will undoubtedly stick to this same pattern. In this way, don’t be timid about green cleaning at home or the workplace. As more participate, it implies a more beneficial planet for every one of us to appreciate! Likewise. Setting a case for kids ensures a brighter future for our planet too.

Make Your Own Products & Protect Others

Attempt on your inventive side by making some of your own green cleaning items, for example. This fragrance based treatment chemical, with eco-accommodating green cleaning ingredients and supplies. You won’t just spare cash and time shopping. Yet can likewise modify items to suit your requirements by utilizing diverse normal fixings. For example, fundamental oils.

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House Cleaning Montreal

Searching for a House Cleaner or a Commercial Cleaner in Montreal? Office Cleaning Services.Ca and Office Cleaning will come to you from as low as conceivable you can ever get. For a Prompt, Professional Service Guaranteed call Office Cleaning Services.Ca House Cleaning Montreal or present an online inquiry and one of our well disposed of House and office cleaners will be in contact inside 30 minutes.

Office Cleaning Services.Ca and Office cleaning services are presently accessible in Montreal!

House Cleaning Montreal give an extensive variety of services from customary cleaning service to end of rent cleaning are being demonstrated by proficient and prepared cleaners at a practical cost. We cook for private and business needs.

Most elevated amount of consumer loyalty is our saying and it is ensured. You can browse an extensive variety of services accessible from House Cleaning Montreal.

Adaptability to Accessibility is here

Call us and you will locate the fastest reaction time in the business, that is without a doubt. So no compelling reason to sit tight for getting back to as time is everything for everybody. Complimentary statement from our cordial experts accessible at any given time. Adaptability to accessibility is here.

Every one of our experts at House Cleaning Montreal is police checked and for your flawless Houses and merchandise we are completely protected and secured, so no space for stress ever! Every one of our items and hardware we utilize is to Canadian Standard and Environment-Friendly.

Office Cleaning Services.Ca Cleaning Montreal represents considerable authority in office and business cleaning. From normal vacuuming of floors, every day or week by week to full cleans including wiping, clearing of plant floors, kitchen cleaning, entrance windows, and restrooms or alter a standard clean to suit your work environment. Every one of our cleans accompanies top notch custom costs and certification of service.

Why pick Office Cleaning Services.Ca Office Cleaning?

In the event that you are completing your rent understanding and moving out, you will probably need to encourage a bond clean to guarantee you recover your full bond. Office Cleaning Services.Ca and Office Cleaning can tailor a bundle to suit your necessities and utilize our insight and experience to give total consumer loyalty.

Office Cleaning Services.Ca and Office Cleaning can help guarantee you recover your bond clean by giving a full bond cleaning service. We work to a definite Bond Clean Checklist to guarantee that everything is incorporated to fulfill the most requesting of reviews with the land.



  • Tidy shower break, including tiles, taps and shower screen (evacuate cleanser filth and hard water spots)
  • Clean bath, evacuate cleanser filth and rust
  • Neat in closets, racks, drawers and reflected entryways. Evacuate marks if conceivable
  • Clean all dividers, floors, mirrors and windows and window tracks
  • Toilet bowl and seat purified and cleaned inside and outside
  • Exhaust fan cleaned


  • Fully perfect stove cooktop
  • Clean Exhaust fan and range hood (degrease channel)
  • Dishwasher channel flushed
  • Clean all seat tops and tiles
  • Wipe out all pantries, inside and outside
  • Clean sink and attachment

Room and Living Room

  • Remove any webs
  • Light fitting washed
  • Clean roof fan and ventilation system
  • Remove checks on dividers where conceivable
  • Power focuses and light switches cleaned
  • Window edges and door jambs cleaned and wiped
  • Clean windows inside and outside where reachable
  • Vacuum and clean all sliding entryway and window tracks
  • Curtains and blinds tidied
  • Wipe entryways, entryway outlines, and switches
  • Sweep, vacuum, and clean floor


  • Clean under, behind and around clothes washer space. Clean hardware and channels if appropriate
  • Cupboards wiped all around
  • Dryer and channels cleaned


  • Cobwebs expelled
  • Floor cleared and cleaned
  • Sweep out and expel any oil buildup from solid, ways, carports.

Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Services Montreal

The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal is focused on conveying professional cleaning services in Montreal to private and business customers. We value our careful cleaning strategies, an abnormal state of unwavering quality, and promptness. Our incredible comprehension and attention to customers’ needs clear a path to very customized services that are meant to awe and surpass clients’ desires.

Exclusive expectations of Service

Here at The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal, we maintain exclusive expectations of service to ensure that we generally fulfill the requests of clients. We utilize the most effective cleaning strategies to concoct shocking outcomes.

Our professional cleaning staff with years of cleaning service experience will clean your home as indicated by your own inclinations. We guarantee reliable service magnificence through continuous preparing, investigation, and quality control. The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal implement effective cleaning practices to ensure your place is legitimately cleaned unfailingly.

The elevated requirements of service that we actualize and maintain have influenced The Menage To total Professional Cleaning Service Montreal a regarded and legitimate name in the professional cleaning service industry.

Dependability At Its Finest

Client trust is the thing that motivates The Montreal Company to continually keep up an abnormal state of dependability. We will probably help our clients in keeping their home, office, or business spaces as perfect as could reasonably be expected. We think about the nature of work our staff puts into each work we acknowledge, so we energize transparent correspondence with the clients we serve.

As a service conveyance organization, we esteem your sentiments and proposals. We will hear every one of your objections and concerns and expeditiously give resolutions at the earliest opportunity.

You can expect only perfect service from us. With The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal, you will see, smell, and feel the spotless when our activity is finished.

We utilize the finest professional cleaners in the city. Our developing rundown of the customer base is the aftereffect of years of legit and solid service rendered by our skilled staff. Our professional private and business cleaners are exceptionally evaluated by clients.

The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal Inexpensive Clean

The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal is known for its superb cleaning services for home and office spaces at aggressive value focus. We comprehend money related limitations that clients have every now and then. Try not to give your spending restrictions a chance to prevent you from living in a perfect and sorted out home.

The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal never baffle. We will give your home or business space that perfect that it needs without using up every last cent.

We will customize our cleaning technique in light of your inclinations and your given spending plan. As service home specialists our main need is continually conveying exceptional outcomes. We feel more than fulfilled that we enable our clients to live in a house they can be glad for!

Unrivaled Quality Cleaning at Reasonable Rates

The Office Cleaning Services.Ca Professional Cleaning Service Montreal trust that quality need not be costly. As we have endless years of experience, we have defined ways and practices to adjust to the regularly changing requests of our clients without requesting that they pay more.

There are no agreements that secure you with our professional cleaning services Montreal. This “no agreement approach” disposes of the basic burdens related to managing cleaning service professionals. You can look at general, week by week, fortnightly, or month to month service recurrence. We additionally have one-time cleaning service that is immaculate in case you’re moving in or moving out a home or business space.

You can believe us with your home. Our cleaning organization Montreal has dependably been a client-focused service organization that considers the necessities and requests of clients more than anything. We expect to constantly give unwavering quality and adaptability to regulars as well as to first-time customers as well!

Professional House Cleaning Services Maid in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil Especially for You

Office Cleaning Professional House Cleaning Services friendly house cleaning maids come to your house with many years experience and clean your entire house just the way you prefer. We will customize our cleaning services for you and your house whether we clean your apartment, condo, large or small house. Office Cleaning Professional House Cleaning Services house cleaning service can be of great benefit to you. We will ensure that the tasks listed on your house cleaning checklist are performed, and our services will help in making the load lighter on you.

Learn more about our Office Cleaning Professional House Cleaning Services  



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Fresh Healthy Professional House Cleaning Services
Cleaning your house can be a chore, however, it shouldn’t compromise your families health. You receive our fresh healthy house cleaning by providing a quality green cleaning service for your house using all natural, non toxic cleaning products that are safe for your entire family, especially for kids with asthma, including pets and for our environment.

Montreal, Laval, Longueuil & West Island Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company.

Professional House Cleaning Services is committed to delivering the exact services our commercial cleaning customers want. We listen intently to their desires, adopting a genius dynamic strategy in characterizing their requirements, and building the ideal banding together relationship. We are likewise dedicated to acting with genuineness and uprightness constantly in all parts of our business, to being proficient in doing our activity, and to conveying a steady, abnormal state nature of work you anticipate.

We will likely influence your home, to organization/office sparkle, and to influence you to look great. We offer the most sensible aggressive costs. regardless of whether it’s a one-time cleaning work or a yearly contract. We offer you our quality expert abilities that are adaptable to your circumstance.

Broaden the life of your rugs while holding your expert appearance. Talk about the best calendar for accomplishing your objectives with our cover cleaning experts.

Gladly Serving;

Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and West Island

Office Cleaning Professional House Cleaning Services are also committed to delivering honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business, to being professional in doing our job, and to delivering a consistent, high level quality of commercial office cleaning service, including house cleaning services Montreal, Laval, Longueuil & West Island facility managers, and house owners demand.

Learn more about our residential cleaning services, and commercial cleaning services, or call today at 514)-654-4988

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for a carpet cleaning quote.

Featuring the Office Cleaning Professional House Cleaning Services 32 Magic Touch Deep Cleaning Checklist

In the Professional Whole House

  • Dusting
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wipe window sills
  • Clean glass doors
  • Clean prints on windows/doors
  • Reline waste baskets
  • Remove all garbage
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean entry door window/patio window
  • Clean window over kitchen sink

In the Professional Rooms

  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
  • Vacuum floors, carpets
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Vacuum under beds
  • Change linens, make beds
  • Empty Trash

Initial Professional House cleaning

Initial Office Cleaning Laval Professional House Cleaning should include all the cleaning services performed during maintenance cleanings, plus the following:

  • Remove books and clean bookshelves
  • Wet-wash baseboards and doors facings
  • Clean window sills
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean outsides of cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Dust vents
  • Vacuum/sweep under beds and furniture (if accessible)